xtar - Xenix tar archive utility

xtar lists and extracts files from Xenix tar files or floppy disk image files. In particular, Xenix 3.x for the Tandy Model 16 and Model 6000 machines.

A precompiled binary for Windows is included along with the source code which includes a trivial build scripts for MacOS and Linux.

Usage Summay

usage: xtar [-e] [-v] [-dd file] diskimages
        -e   Extract each every file or directory contents.
        -dd  Extract raw block image to file.
        -v   Print some floppy information.
             Otherwise files only listed.
or:    xtar -c floppy paths
        -c   write multi-part floppy archive to floppy01.imd etc.

Use .tar extension to read or create raw bock files, e.g.
        xtar file.tar -- list contents
        xtar -c file.tar paths -- create file01.tar file02.tar etc.
The download comes with xfile which lists and extracts files from a Xenix file system.

George Phillips, October 24, 2021. george -at-