How to Run a TRS-80 Program

Just downloaded a zip file with a ".cas" file in it? Wondering what to do next? Then this where you need to be.

If you're on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine you can run it under the trs80gp TRS-80 emulator. Click here to get the download link, run it and open the ".cas" file. If you're command line saavy you can skip a step by running "trs80gp file.cas".

If that didn't work out too well or the program's instructions said something about a "Model 1" then try running "trs80gp -m1 file.cas".

There's a little more information about how to use trs80gp but that's all you should need to know for programs downloaded from this site.

For the lucky ones with real TRS-80s

Well, you probably have 7 different ways to get a ".cas" file onto your TRS-80. And you'll no doubt be familiar with the specific model and whether or not things will work out. Otherwise, I recommend Knut Roll-lund's excellent Play CAS.

What's a TRS-80?

One of the first home computers. The Model 1 hit stores in 1977. To learn more:

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